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Depending on whom you know and what you know can impact projects moving from point A to point B. Below is a list of government and agency offices that provide funding programs and can also enhance your network. Depending on your project, we may be able to link you to government and agency officials or help you create a project pitch catered to your desired audience.

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Connecting and Communicating with Government Officials

North Dakota Congressional Delegation
Senator Heidi Heitkamp
Senator John Hoeven
Representative Kevin Cramer

North Dakota Legislative Districts Map

North Dakota State Legislators
Senate and House Assembly

Montana Congressional Delegation
Senator Max Baucus
Senator Jon Tester
Representative Steve Daines

Montana Legislative Districts Map

Montana State Legislators
Senate and House Assembly 

South Dakota Congressional Delegation
Senator Tim Johnson
Senator John Thune
Representative Kristi Noem

South Dakota Legislative Districts Map

South Dakota State Legislators
Senate and House Assembly

Wyoming Congressional Delegation
Senator Mike Enzi
Senator John Barrasso
Representative Cynthia Lummis

Wyoming Legislative Districts Map

Wyoming State Legislators
House Assembly 
Senate Assembly

Minnesota Congressional Delegation
Senator Al Franken
Senator Amy Klobuchar
Representative Erik Paulsen
Representative Keith Ellison
Representative Michele Bachman
Representative Collin C. Peterson
Representative Tim Walz
Representative Betty McCollum
Representative John Kline
Representative Rick Nolan

Minnesota Legislative Districts Map

Minnesota State Assembly
House Assembly
Senate Assembly

Federal Agencies

Economic Development Administration
EDA helps underdeveloped communities with job creation and employment opportunities.

Small Business Administration
SBA helps small businesses with funding and support, along with being the voice on Capitol Hill for small businesses.

Housing and Urban Development
HUD creates housing and rental properties that are both affordable and sustainable for communities that will increase the quality of life in the community.

Federal Highway Administration
FWA provides local, state and federal entities and companies with technical assistance regarding highway, roadways, bridges and tunnels.

Department of the Interior
DOI instructs and provide management assistance to the preservation of natural resources, American cultural and Tribal communities.

Department of the Interior Indian Affairs
Bureau of Indian Affairs is a subdepartment created to preserve Indian culture and provide federally recognized tribal communities with grants, compacts and contracts.

Federal Aviation Administration
The FAA provides aviation safety and regulations.

Rural Development
Rural Development ensures economic development providing both financial and technical assistance to communities in need.

Rural Utilities Services
RUS provides funding and services for rural water, waste disposal, telephone and electricity entities.

Essential How To’s

Having information at your fingertips is critical to build consensus whether you are a community leader, business owner or an elected or appointed official. We have completed due diligence on all of the resources listed below to ensure quality information that is applicable to our client’s needs.

If you need help implementing the information into action or if you’d like to expand our library database, contact us.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
North Dakota
South Dakota

How to write a Legislator or Congressional a letter
One of the best ways to contact a state Legislator or US Senator or Congressman is to write a letter. Whether it is by standard mail or email, it is always better to write and not call. When writing a letter to a legislator, make sure to include your address, email or phone number, which will allow the legislator to reply. If the letter is addressing a legislative bill, include the bill number with the letter, clearly define the letter’s purpose and explain how the policy or issue will affect your community.
Legislator and Congressional Sample Letters