Government Relations Services

Every idea and problem is unique and KLJ’s Government Relations staff takes the time to listen to your needs and create a customized approach with measurable benchmarks. We have developed a dynamic planning process that incorporates all of our services and is flexible to accommodate changing industry trends, new policy or regulations, community impacts and strained funding sources.

Developing Stakeholder Support

Engaging the public and stakeholders is important for every project and involves time, resources and commitment. KLJ’s Government Relations staff can create a strategy and implementation plan based on the dynamics of the stakeholders and other interested parties. Our approach is to provide information, resources and support to committed project champions throughout the duration of the project, kick-off to completion.

Funding Research

KLJ is constantly researching funding opportunities focusing on transportation, aviation and water infrastructure, community and tribal development, energy start-ups, economic development and planning. We analyze a client’s project and goals to design creative funding strategies through agency, state and local granting entities while also evaluating bonding, taxing and loan options.

Grant Writing and Review

KLJ provides grant writing and review services for clients or projects based in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota. We are constantly search funding opportunities focusing on transportation, aviation and water infrastructure, community and Tribal development, energy start-ups, economic development and planning.

Legislation Monitoring and Tracking

KLJ’s Government Relations team monitors and tracks state and federal legislation pertaining to the company’s core business including energy, transportation, water, environmental, economic development, funding, Tribal, aviation and telecommunications. Every day we monitor federal legislation and focus state activity to our main geographical regions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota. During each session we dedicate staff to monitor bills and track committee actions and wording changes. You can receive legislative updates at our Competitive Edge Blog or contact us for special monitoring or tracking needs.

Networking and Advocacy Strategies

Knowing who to call or what to say can move a project forward, and KLJ actively maintains a database of congressional staff and their portfolios and agency directors to be able to talk to the right person in a timely manner. We coordinate face-to-face meetings and project site visits to increase messaging to key officials, maximizing impact and understanding of your unique project needs.

Public Policy Strategic Initiatives

If your project is conflicted by a current public policy or lack of, KLJ’s Government Relations staff can work with you and the state or federal government to address a public issue by instituting laws, regulations, decision or call to action. We have a grass roots and strategic networking approach to ensure the right people are aware of the public policy initiative.

Tracking Appropriations and Agency Actions—State and Federal

Everyday KLJ’s Government Relations staff tracks and monitors federal appropriation bills as they move through the House and Senate and provide updates to our audiences as they progress through each chamber. Staff is assigned to North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota while each state is in session. We need to be aware of changes in rules or laws, researching issues to determine how legislation could affect our industry. We also track and monitor legislation outside our traditional scope of work based on client needs.

Tribal Infrastructure and Economic Development Strategies

Tribal communities provide unique partnership opportunities for private businesses, federal and state agencies and between communities. KLJ’s Government Relations group works with Tribes across the upper Great Plains performing due diligence on private companies, networking public private partnerships and handling culturally sensitive projects.