Program to Further Airport Operations

Grand Forks International Airport (GFK) is the busiest airport in North Dakota and is among some of the busiest airports in the United States in terms of operations. Due to the airport’s consistent growth, the need for current and easily accessible information is imperative to successfully sustain operations.

GFK was chosen as a candidate to participate in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) phase II Pilot Program. The program maps airports across the country as part of an Electronic Airport Layout Plan (eALP), which contributes to the FAA’s Next Generation of Air Transportation (NextGEN) plan.

The project objective was to prepare and submit data for GFK that complies with FAA Advisory Circulars as well as procedures provided in AGIS. The databases will also be used for future applications of NextGEN technology through a digital and easily accessible format as well as reduce repeated data collection.

KLJ coordinated all project aspects, from survey data collection to development of GIS data, the final project report and FAA GIS project deliverables, as well as completed the project through FAA’s AGIS website. The project used existing GPS survey technology, but assembled the data from various sources into a common database.