KLJ collaborated with the city, stakeholders, and the public on a vision statement for the City to develop goals, objectives, and strategies to meet the needs of residents. A wide range of outreach activities were developed to facilitate a strong level of public involvement throughout the planning process. Transportation planning included travel demand modeling based on future growth scenarios, recommendations for truck routing, roadway expansion and a roadway master plan to address transportation system deficiencies, as well as future needs. Planning for land use and transportation together allowed for Dickinson to create a clear vision for the future and plan for the needed enhancements to reduce delay and increase ease of travel. A trail Master Plan was developed to foster improved pedestrian/bicycle accessibility. These plans with new trails and the complete park plan help keep Dickinson an engaging community. Recommended development codes and ordinances were prepared to address transportation, water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and public park issues.



Infrastructure planning involved modeling the city’s water system based on alternative future growth scenarios. The project developed a City services plan including emergency response and emergency management services. In addition, the plan also examined recreation and cultural opportunities, natural resources, economic development, and inter-governmental coordination.



Dickinson’s Comprehensive and Transportation Plan update was completed with a strong level of public involvement. A community-based public visioning process was a key project component that was accomplished through an all-day planning workshop, online community surveys, one-on-one stakeholder interviews, and a series of five public input meetings. The City now has a plan for future land use that works together with the transportation and water infrastructure. KLJ also addressed implementation of the updated Comprehensive and Transportation Plans, including many policies that could be implemented to help see the community vision come to fruition.

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