The scope of work included completing preliminary design engineering for the retrofitting of a 30-year-old asphalt oil industrial plant for CHS, Inc. The facility was built to specifications at the time of construction. However, due to changes in specifications during construction, approximately half of the plant was never fully commissioned. This uncommissioned portion of the facility needed to be retrofit in addition to various new systems.



KLJ performed a laser scan of the facility to generate a detailed 3D model that was used as a basis for the design and modeling of the new components that were included in the facility. KLJ also completed the preliminary electrical inspection and as-built efforts along with the piping design and complete 3D CAD model. New systems were designed in part for the plant to produce two new products: seal coat and tack oil. Along with systems design, an overhead pipe rack with maintenance catwalk and a containment system was also designed for the facility. 



KLJ completed the conceptual design for CHS, Inc. to move forward with engineering and operations approval.