The CHS Laurel Refinery constructed a substation to increase power to the refinery. It is located across a busy corridor – including U.S. Highway 212 and a BNSF Railway/Montana Rail Link rail line – from major operations in an area with an average traffic volume of 10,000 daily commuters. It quickly became evident that additional engineering services were necessary to enhance production efficiency. KLJ’s team was quick to identify a solution by designing a power bridge, which would provide necessary access to the refinery on both sides of the busy corridor, allowing employees to work safely while minimizing the impact to area residents and passersby.



KLJ designed and engineered a steel bridge with a galvanized surface finish to enhance operational efficiency at the CHS Laurel Refinery. The galvanized finish eliminates the need for future maintenance as it is durable and weatherproof. The structure can house the more than 60 power lines that run from the substation to the refinery and it also allows employees to cross the busy corridor, providing easier and safer access to the refinery and substation.




Engineering a power bridge for the CHS Laurel Refinery was an economical solution to their concern. The new bridge houses power lines between facilities while simultaneously providing safer access for employees, who used to have to worry about crossing a busy corridor, without impeding area traffic.

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