Because of the sheer volume of production levels, an extensive expansion was needed. Construction of a new dump pit for both trains and trucks, as well as the construction of a rail spur through the dump pit was needed to create a space that aligned perfectly with the BNSF rail track. Additional components such as turnouts and at-grade crossings were implemented for the project. Our team provided survey, design, and construction engineering services for the rail, civil, and utility portion of the project.



The project included over five miles of railroad track improvements and more than 200 acres of land which needed to be evaluated for the most effective use. In addition to the on-site railway developments, multiple track improvements needed to be implemented to make the system efficient. Unique attention to detail was required for the grading and drainage to work with the railroad track section of the project. Our team also had to evaluate the additional proposed infrastructure on the site as well as facilitate the permitting and zoning process through the city, and right-of-way through the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT).




With flour being used in such a large variety of products, the increase in capacity will help provide additional product to not only the local community but on a national scale impacting lives across the country.

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