The project utilized In-Place Full Depth Reclamation which consists of milling the existing pavement to create a recycled aggregate base that can be paved over. This recycled aggregate base provides a strong foundation for the pavement, producing a pavement section that is comparable to a full reconstruction at a fraction of the cost. 



If additional aggregate base material is needed to build up the new pavement section, new aggregate material can be placed on the existing asphalt surface prior to milling so it is thoroughly mixed with the asphalt millings during reclamation. This method can reduce both construction costs and construction time by 50 percent or more, when compared to a full reconstruction. It also minimizes the amount of aggregate that the contractor must haul to the site, reducing impacts to surrounding communities. 

Due to funding shortfalls, the construction of this project needed to be phased over two years. KLJ worked with the airport and the FAA to minimize impacts to airport users and maximize federal and state funding for this project. 




Construction costs for Phase 1 of the project were  under budget and in 2021 Phase 2 of the project started. KLJ Airport Engineering and Planning Services were honored with a 2020 Asphalt Pavement Merit Award from the Minnesota of Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in partnership with the Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association. 

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