The expansion project increased capability from three wells to 12 wells in Weld County located in the DJ Basin. Our team incorporated multiple discipline engineering and design including civil, structural, process, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, controls, permitting, and construction management.  



The project aimed to increase capabilities and production in the area. The design consisted of installation of three-phase separators, vapor recovery tower (VRT), four oil tanks, one slop tank, five water tanks, expansion capabilities to install another VRT and double the size of the liquid storage, oil lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) unit, vapor recovery unit (VRU), gas lift metering building, gas lift heater, and utility equipment (instrument air skid per State Regulations), high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) equivalent circulating density (ECD), knockout drums, and sales gas metering.  The design also included the possibility for future power rack, gas lift compression, and the possibility for future expansion to quadruple pad capacity.




The tank battery expansion project increased storage, efficiency, capacity, capabilities, production, distribution, and sales at the well pad site.

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