At KLJ, we love what we do, care about our communities, and work together to improve quality of life for future generations. We do this by living out Who We Are.

The first time we meet, it could be as a future employer, a future consultant, or partner. It is our goal for you to understand Who We Are, and how you fit in! Our relationships start and end with safety – meaning we all go home safely, every day – from the office, the project site, or where ever we may be! Making smart, responsible and ethical decisions keeps us all safe.

We want you to know that you matter, and we care about you as a coworker, client, partner, and person. When you can bring your whole self to your work day or project, great things happen. Together, when all voices are heard, we create the best outcomes for our futures. As we work together, we encourage you and each other to learn and grow. Personal and professional growth is critical to our development and career advancement.

As our project work comes together, we promise an exceptional experience. Our performance on a project is what helps us create new and progressive ideas, bring innovative solutions to the table, and help you meet your project goals. We love working with you on projects – gathering input, data, and ideas. It is just part of the overall KLJ experience.

As part of a 100% Employee-Owned Company, our decisions matter. Our voices can be heard and our ideas can be shared. As owners, we take responsibility for our actions and work and strive to push each other to do our best each day. Many times, great careers are identified with the right people and culture – and we welcome a conversation to see how you may fit in – as a KLJer, client, or partner!