Devore to Present at Midwest District and MOTIVE Annual Meeting

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Devore to Present at Midwest District and MOTIVE Annual Meeting

Joe Devore, a traffic engineer, in our Saint Paul, MN office will be presenting on safety analysis for transportation and roadway planning. His presentation will take place at the 2019 Midwest District and MOTIVE Annual Meeting held in St. Louis, July 19-21. A key focus of his presentation will be identifying intersections that have potential safety concerns. Devore will share how to best mitigate crash potential by utilizing the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) methodologies, as well as PTV Vissim a multi-modal traffic flow simulation software that allows for advanced and flexible roadway simulation planning.

This presentation will provide an understanding of safety approaches which utilize existing strategies, and the FHWA’s Safety Surrogate Assessment Model (SSAM). Devore will share how a specific location’s safety can be analyzed for existing and future alternatives to quantify the expected safety benefits of projects.

Devore provides a unique mix of leading and completing traffic and safety analysis to empower public and stakeholder engagement. With experience in operations and multimodal tasks, he has an active role in technical modeling and analysis to provide answers to complex project challenges.  

With a specialization in the visualization of 4D multimodal traffic simulations, Devore helps clients and the public visualize transportation projects. He is also accomplished in the use of traffic analysis software to provide alternative transportation design options.

Devore has presented nationally on traffic analysis techniques ranging from assessing multimodal traffic flows, quantitative future safety analysis techniques, autonomous vehicle modeling, and operations considerations.