Federal Railroad Administration Restoration and Enhancement Grants

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The US Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration has announced a grant opportunity for rail projects. Grants will be provided to assist in operating assistance to initiate, restore or enhance intercity passenger rail transportation. Eligible projects include operating expenses associated with intercity passenger rail service, such as: staffing costs, diesel fuel or electricity costs, station costs, lease payments on rolling stock, routine planned maintenance costs, host railroad costs, train yard operation costs and administrative costs.

Eligible Applicants: Cites, towns, counties, and states as well as Amtrak or other rail carriers that provide intercity rail passenger transportation

Award Ceiling: $4 million                                                                       

Match: Grants may not exceed 80 percent of the projected net operating costs for the first year of service; 60 percent of cost for the second year and 40 percent of the costs the third year.

Deadline: May 22, 2018

Contact: Ruthie Americus, 202-493-0431, ruthie.americus@dot.gov

For further information or assistance in applying for funding opportunities, contact KLJ at 701-355-8400.