Indian Community Development Imminent Threat Grants

Indian Community Development Imminent Threat Grants

Housing and Urban Development, Office of Native American Programs is authorized to reserve a portion of Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) funds for Imminent Threat (IT) grants. IT grants are intended to alleviate or remove imminent threats to health or safety. The problem to be addressed must be such that an emergency situation exists or would exist if the problem were not addressed. Grants must address a problem of urgent nature that wasn’t evident at the time of the ICDBG single-purpose funding grant cycle or that requires immediate action. 

Eligible Applicants: Tribes and Tribal organizations. A Tribe must be listed on the most current list of “Indian Entities Recognized and Eligible to Receive Service from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.”

Match: There is no match requirements but applicant must provide evidence that funds to completely address the threat are not available from other Tribal or federal sources and that federal or Tribal agencies which would normally provide assistance for such improvements have no funds available.

Award Ceiling: $450,000 or $900,000 for Presidentially declared disasters

Deadline: There is no deadline for these grants. Applicants interested must contact their regional/Tribal housing representative to determine if funds are available prior to application.

Contact: Randall Akers, 303 672 5060

For further information or assistance in applying for funding opportunities, contact KLJ at 701 355 8400.