Joe Devore and Craig Genzlinger to present at Joint Engineers Conference - JEC

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Joe Devore and Craig Genzlinger to present at Joint Engineers Conference - JEC

Safety has always been an important aspect of transportation and roadway planning, and let’s not forget the vital role our stakeholders play in these projects. This week, two KLJ engineers, Joe Devore and Craig Genzlinger, will present on how your project might be impacted and improved during the Joint Engineers Conference held Wednesday, November 6 through Friday November 8 in Helena, MT.

Devore’s presentation will focus on identifying intersections that have potential safety concerns. He will share how to best mitigate crash potential by utilizing PTV VISSIM and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)’s Safety Surrogate Assessment Model (SSAM), explaining how a specific location’s safety can be analyzed for existing and future alternatives to quantify for the project’s expected safety benefits.

With a specialization in the visualization of 4D multimodal traffic simulations, Devore helps clients and the public visualize transportation projects. He has presented nationally on traffic analysis techniques ranging from assessing multimodal traffic flows, quantitative future safety analysis techniques, autonomous vehicle modeling, and operations considerations.

On Friday, Genzlinger will focus on the Tribal Transportation Program and effectively coordinating with Tribal Governments to improve transportation projects. His experience, working with the FHWA within Montana has allowed him to effectively lead various transportation planning projects with an emphasis on transportation safety. Genzlinger’s principal areas of focus have been Tribal transportation projects with an emphasis on development of Tribal safety projects and programs for decades.

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