Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award

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Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award

KLJ was recognized by the South Dakota Engineering Society Black Hills Chapter for Outstanding Engineering Achievement for Phase 1 of the Community Development work we provided for the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The Regenerative Community Development by Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (TVCDC) is the first implementation project of the Model Community Development initiative within the Pine Ridge Reservation. The goal of the initiative is to create sustainable and interconnected communities that provide better housing, places for businesses to thrive, and a healthy, supportive environment for youth, elderly, and families.

The Model Community Development initiative is a complete community design process. “Engaging the community was essential for this project,” said Project Manager Dana Foreman. TVCDC engaged all ages from children to elders in the process and incorporated the elements they wanted for their community. TVCDC spent two years designing the community with us, architects, and planners who were committed to creating a plan on the 34-acre site that would make the community members proud.

The Regenerative Community Development consists of water, sanitary sewer, storm drains, and roadway infrastructure to support 21 single-family homes, a community center, an apartment complex, offices, poultry system, and greenhouses, and public/open park and recreation spaces. Ultimately, the full build-out of the site will feature single and multi-family residences, a youth shelter, a childcare facility, a school, and commercial buildings.