KLJ worked alongside BOE to lessen traffic congestion by constructing a 38.4-mile pipeline to transport oil and gas materials from Killdeer, ND to Dickinson, ND. KLJ performed a site selection and constructability reviews which determined the line would originate at a truck unloading and pumping facility near Killdeer and connect to the Bakken Oil Express hub located west of Dickinson. The hub covers more than 360 acres, includes four rail loops, a truck center with multiple independent bays, and tank storage. 



KLJ designed all pipeline and pump station facilities with the appropriate extra safety factors for pressure, temperature, internal and external stress, corrosion allowance, and crude oil service. Extra wall thickness was also used in areas of higher stress, such as road crossings. The line is equipped with emergency shut-off valves and flow meters which measure all product coming in and out of the line. Prior to placing the pipeline in-service, the pipe was pressure tested. The line was filled with water and then pressure was increased to at least 125 percent of the pipeline's maximum allowable operating pressure.

Over the course of the project, KLJ provided engineering and project management relating to nearly every facet of the project, specifically:

  • Route selection and constructability review
  • Right-of-way (ROW) and easement procurement
  • Permitting (zoning, conditional use, NDPSC submittals, road crossings, discharge permit)
  • Field studies (archaeological, environmental)
  • Survey (preliminary, re-routes, construction staking, as-builts)
  • Pipe design and material specifications
  • CADD deliverables (easement drawings, construction alignment sheets, as-built drawings, appurtenance details)
  • Contractor bid specifications and bid process
  • GIS services (progress maps, landowner permissions)
  • Project and construction management
  • Response Plan PHMSA



Upon construction completion, KLJ handed over the commissioned pipeline to the owner’s operators.

The BOE pipeline transports crude oil from a truck unloading terminal near Killdeer, ND to a rail load-out facility located west of Dickinson, ND. The 16-inch pipeline removed as many as 825 tanker trucks per day from the congested roadways to improve traffic flow and safety. Ultimately, the BOE pipeline provides a safe and efficient transportation method for significant volumes of oil and is an important addition to the critical infrastructure serving the ever-changing energy industry. 

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