The project consisted of four core plant systems for retrofit engineering and design services and required a 30-day turnaround time. The systems for retrofit included the Main Boiler Feedpump, Back-Up Boiler Feedpump, Condensate and Packaged Boiler Feed Pump System. Each system is a core system for plant functionality. KLJ also performed a pipe stress analysis for each system with respect to the design and operating conditions for each system. Each system required different levels of revisions which resulted in greater efforts placed on the systems requiring the greatest number of revisions. The project required a 30-day turnaround time for the four system retrofit design and engineering.



The analyses concluded that each system required piping and hanger/support alterations. Upon completion of the hydraulic and pipe stress analysis models, the design team went to work making P&ID, 3D model, hanger/support and isometric revisions.



The completion of the project resulted in increased steam output capacity for Great River Energy’s existing and future clients. 

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