The Devils Lake Regional Airport had the overall goal to upgrade the facility to enhance safety and efficiency for the airport as well as allow operations for larger aircraft, enticing a potential opportunity to expand commercial air services in the future. For this to happen, the Devils Lake Regional Airport needed a runway that could accommodate larger commercial aircraft. KLJ provided environmental, land acquisition, and engineering services for the runway extension project. During the project, Tribal entities were consulted prior to construction. Tribal Cultural Monitors were on-site observing construction for the duration of the project. During the course of construction, Tribal mounds were found unexpectedly. The mounds were recognized quickly and plans were altered to respect to the Tribal community.



The Devils Lake Airport Project involved relocating and replacing FAA owned navigational aids including an instrument landing system. This required the airport to enter multiple agreements with the FAA. These agreements allowed for the FAA to furnish directly or by contract, materials, supplies, equipment, and services. Through the course of design and construction, extensive coordination with the FAA and on-site construction observation was accomplished to ensure all FAA requirements were met.



The airport now offers daily flights connecting area residents to Denver International Airport, which ultimately enhances the area’s economy and serves the public in a safer, more consistent, and effective manner. The accessibility will promote economic stability in the region and in the state of North Dakota.

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