The City of Mandan sought to make improvements to their downtown to enhance the area for residents and visitors. The Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Statistical Area is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation. As the community continues to grow, so does their need for accommodating infrastructure. Mandan has been ready to fully embrace a new vision and framework for their downtown. To clearly identify their vision and prioritize projects for to initiate for downtown Mandan, they opted to implement a subarea study.



KLJ initiated a subarea study with an intense public involvement campaign. The study evaluated current conditions and incorporated growth planning to identify development and land use options for “subject to change” areas. We used the information gathered from the study to develop a transportation plan with alternatives, including road reconfigurations and shared-use alternatives for the downtown area. Other improvements included parking strategies, intersection spot improvements, subarea-wide policies, and roadway closures to improve multimodal conditions and overall desirability of the area.




KLJ’s team developed a unique approach for the Downtown Mandan Subarea Study to help enhance the community. We implemented a dynamic evaluation and public engagement process, including an awareness campaign and facilitated scenario planning, integrating city and stakeholder insight. Upon completion of the study, we were able to identify opportunities, strategies, and transportation framework priorities. We assisted with the development of a prioritization plan for project. This plan matched the vision Governor Burgum established with his Main Street Initiative and was selected to receive $600,000 through the inaugural Urban Grant Program to complete the road diet, curb extensions, parking striping, and decorative lighting on Main Street, helping to create a downtown that is a fun and safe place to be for all people.


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