KLJ is providing design services to MDT for the reconstruction of four miles on US 93, including the conversion to a new one-way couplet through the community of Ronan, MT. A supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) dictates specific design features including provisions of a multi-use trail, separate from the widened road. KLJ has developed alternate alignments to include the local park, school, and connectivity to existing trail systems while minimizing parking and school impacts. KLJ recommended, and is leading, early coordination efforts with affected landowners to address community awareness and to identify key design, traffic access and circulation issues that will dictate access control and right-of-way acquisitions. A Pedestrian Routing Plan was also developed to identify preferred non-motorized connections and destinations. KLJ is integrating the new trail into the Town of Ronan and designing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compatibility and inclusion with project drainage details (including snow storage needs).

KLJ led development of access control on the four-mile project with more than 100 parcels affected. Due to the proposed one-way couplet in a rural community, development included leading the Exceptions Committee to adopt goals, objectives, management guidelines and ultimately access control plans which specify the number and location of all private and public approaches. KLJ has prepared and led public meetings, technical presentation, and promoted public outreach.




KLJ’s extensive hydraulic and storm water analysis identified two regional detention pond locations that would collect and treat not only the project storm water run-off, but also intercept and treat more than 100 acres of city surface run-off that currently discharges directly into natural waters. This cooperative project will enhance the water quality of Spring Creek in the town and downstream through restored Tribal lands.

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