USDA Technical Assistance for Water and Wastewater Systems Grant

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The United States Department of Agriculture Utilities Program announces the availability of technical assistance and training (TAT) grants to assist communities with water or wastewater systems through free technical assistance and/or training. Grant TAT resources can be utilized to identify and evaluate solutions to water and waste disposal problems in rural areas, assist applicants in preparing applications for water and waste grants made at the State level offices, and improve operations and maintenance of existing water and water disposal facilities in rural areas.


Eligible Applicants: Private nonprofit agencies operating primarily for scientific, education, service, charitable, or similar purposes in the public interest


Award Ceiling: None – this is a technical assistance grant and does not have a direct financial award                                                                                                      


Match: None


Deadline: January 2, 2018


Contact: Anita O’Brien, 202-690-3789,

For further information or assistance in applying for funding opportunities, contact KLJ at 701-355-8400.