The city of Bismarck, ND continues to grow, particularly quickly on the north end of town. This rapid residential and commercial development created the need for improvements to 43rd Avenue NE, which was located near our Bismarck office. The project consisted of reconstructing, and widening approximately 1 mile of 43rd Avenue NE from North Washington Street to State Street.



KLJ approached the project using an extensive alternative analysis process to best meet the needs of the residents and businesses alike. The process evaluated all aspects of the corridor including traffic operations, right-of-way, and utility impacts; design criteria and standards; and maintenance considerations. This process started with a Visioning Workshop consisting of stakeholders representing the City and State/North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT), fire, police, engineering, public works, community development staff, and an elected official. Ultimately, the workshop helped determine corridor priorities and guide alternatives evaluated in the traffic operations analysis in addition to the environmental document.

The traffic operations analysis followed the Visioning Workshop and studied four potential intersection and corridor alternatives which were evaluated comparing access, speed, traffic operations, intersection control (roundabouts/traffic signals), safety, pedestrian/bikes, and intelligent transportation system (ITS)/technology applications. An extensive public engagement effort was included throughout the project and two alternatives were carried into the environmental document. The selected roadway section consisted of a four-lane urban road section with intersection turn lanes and includes lighting, traffic signals, restricted access intersections, landscaping, a 10-foot-wide multi-use pedestrian trail, a 5-foot-wide pedestrian sidewalk, water main improvements, and the installation of a storm water conveyance system.

KLJ provided all survey, design, environmental documentation, right-of-way, and construction engineering services for the project.





This project was one of the largest construction projects in the City of Bismarck in 2020. The improved roadway includes a multi-lane road, new lighting and traffic signals at intersections, and new sidewalks and provides opportunities for all the different modes of transportation. The team also ensure the corridor was visually appealing and beautiful, planting more than 300 trees in the median as well as the boulevards.

Overall, improvements increased roadway capacity, correct roadway deficiencies, enhanced safety, improve travel for motorists, and enhance facilities for pedestrians.


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