KLJ’s role included managing the right-of-way process, which involves assisting in the project routing analysis and selection, presenting at public information meetings, and attending Public Utilities Commission and Public Service Commission hearings while providing technical assistance to the project owners. KLJ performed property valuations, surface ownership determinations, development of the projects land acquisition strategy manual, option and easement development and acquisition, performed direct negotiations with landowners and their representatives, assisted with Tribal and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) land issues, assisted with permitting activities with counties, townships and local utilities, and assisted with development and support of the condemnation process. Survey services included preliminary design survey work, such as establishing a ground control network, aerial control collection, and topographic surveys of potential route encumbrances to assist in the preliminary routing process.



Planning for the line began in 2012 with construction starting in 2016. The project crosses state boundaries, as well as federal and state-owned or controlled lands, which required coordination with Tribal, federal, state, county, and township agencies or governing boards. The project impacted more than 300 landowners with KLJ actively negotiating the option phase of the project. Services included exercising options, recording all executed documents, data management, and preparation of project mapping and exhibits, including staging areas and regeneration station locations. KLJ determined the boundary of all project parcels, created and maintained a GIS base map, exhibit maps and legal descriptions to aid in option and easement negotiations. KLJ is actively providing construction survey and right-of-way support through the duration of the project.



With planning services and construction activities complete, the project is on track to be fully energized in 2019.

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