The transmission line project required right-of-way acquisition services for more than 400 property owners along the 265-mile project. KLJ acquired purchase options from landowners prior to project approvals and then exercised those options acquired and negotiated easements or fee purchase of property from the remainder. Our team hosted multiple individual and landowner group meetings and information presentations to complete acquisitions throughout the project.



Our comprehensive services assisted in routing analysis with interviews of 1,500 property owners and agencies, presenting at public information meetings, testifying at Public Service Commission (PSC) hearings including providing technical assistance, preparing property valuations, providing surface ownership research and reports, preparing land acquisition strategy process, developing options, easements, exhibits, lease agreements, direct negotiations with property owners, agency coordination with US Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Army Corps of Engineers, North Dakota Department of Transportation, ND Trust Lands, county, township, zoning boards, utilities, Western Area Power Administration, cooperatives, wind farm operators, railroads, Federal Aviation Administration, State Aeronautics, and PSC. In addition, we provided data management, digital route project status books, wall maps, website progress tracking during construction, recordation, acquisition and relocation of home owners, staging area leasing, and acquisition of communication sites. During construction, KLJ provided coordination of access needs, handled landowner issues, crop damage assessment and coordinated site and tree restoration. Additionally, KLJ provided all the survey services for construction and design.



The line was put into service in 2014.

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