TradeWind Energy hired KLJ to conduct environmental field studies, impact analysis and permitting for the proposed wind farm project.



KLJ completed environmental field studies, impact analysis, and permitting for the 13,000 acres of the wind farm. KLJ’s started with completion of a critical issues analysis to identify avoidance and exclusion areas as defined in siting regulations from the Public Service Commission (PSC). Specific tasks completed for this project included completion of the PSC Certificate of Site Compatibility, Class II architectural history study, a microwave beam path study, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy, Threatened and Endangered Species Impact Analysis and Mitigation Plan, Tree and Shrub Mitigation Plan, Storm Water Management Plan, wetland delineations, Class III cultural resource survey and wildlife and botany survey.



The Lindahl Wind Farm was constructed and completed in 2016. It includes 75 wind turbines with a nameplate capacity of 150 MW that provide power to approximately 50,000 North Dakota homes through Basin Electric Power Cooperative. 

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