Improving conditions on Highway 50 was a top priority project for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Poncha Springs has a population of approximately 1,091 and is located in Chafee County. It is nestled in a scenic valley of a national forest and the Rocky Mountains which creates a unique element and situates the town at the junction of two transcontinental highways. 

KLJ was hired to provide design and construction services at the intersections ensuring safety, access, functionality, and overall improvements. 



The project improvements included multimodal options, additional lighting, landscaping, and wayfinding improvements to create a sense of place while traveling through the town. KLJ provided environmental, extensive traffic modeling and data collection, in-depth stakeholder outreach, alternative development and selection, a corridor study report, roadway design, storm sewer and hydrology and hydraulics, lighting and utilities, and stormwater management. 






The Highway 50 Planning and Design Services project is ongoing and anticipated completion is in 2023. Throughout the project, theTown of Poncha Springs wanted to showcase various information regarding public engagement and use modern ways to get people involved. KLJ worked closely with various with our GIS and CAD technicians to generate overlay design maps to feature at public meetings.  Goals of the project, projected timeline, the intersections of focus, the access closures, and the differences between the proposed alternatives were easily demonstrated and explained. This approach was successful and beneficial to the project. 

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