The Starion Sports Complex, owned by Mandan Park District, consists of two ice rinks, a gymnastics center, parks maintenance shop, rubberized track and jumping events, practice field and track and field throwing events, and a synthetic turf football and soccer field.



Our team performed site survey, land entitlements, traffic study, and site design services along with a storm water analysis, modeling, and design. This incorporated the numerous storm water collection systems for individual project components, including parking lots, building drains, retaining wall and bleacher underdrains, turf inlets, and the synthetic turf athletic field system.

When designing the Complex, KLJ was confronted with a few challenges. One challenge, being the 65-foot elevation change from one end of the
site to the other. To address this, the final design included grading techniques and stepping, or tiering, of major features on the site. These elevation changes along with storm water detention requirements also meant the design of integrated detention ponds to meet the stormwater runoff requirements.

The stormwater management system was unique from many projects in that it combined multiple systems of capturing and conveying the runoff
throughout the site. The system used traditional curb inlets located in the parking lots, flat panel, and perforated pipe, and slotted drain around the synthetic field. Another challenge facing KLJ was designing the project around two large utility mains passing through the site. A 12” gas main was located near the parking lots on site.

The City of Mandan also commissioned KLJ to complete the roadway design for Old Red Trail, in front of the new complex to allow for larger amounts of incoming and outgoing traffic.




The Starion Sports Complex, completed in September 2017, was developed on nearly 25 acres. This allows Mandan Park District to provide athletes with two sheets of NCAA sized ice, a gymnastics facility, an outdoor football field with running track and field events which meet NCAA requirements, and a practice field.

With a growing community and facilities that were in dire need of renovations, the new 84,000-square foot building provides the opportunity for the City of Mandan to host larger, more frequent events. The location, just north off of I-94, offers the City significant social and economic benefits. This project was a recipient of the North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers Chapter 3, Project of The Year award. 

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