Thunder Spirit Wind LLC proposed to build a 43-turbine wind farm in Adams County, North Dakota. Before financing could be secured for the wind farm, they were required to complete an ALTA survey for each parcel affected by the wind farm’s construction.



KLJ completed a cadastral survey on 35 sections to establish property lines and completed the ALTA survey showing ownership, proposed turbine locations, proposed gathering lines, county setbacks, and existing easements. Once construction was completed, KLJ performed an as-built survey of all improvements, including roads, turbine locations, gathering line locations and substations. This information was incorporated into the final ALTA survey. The ALTA survey consisted of 61 pages and encompassed more than 100 parcels. Along with the ALTA survey, KLJ also performed QA/QC checks on parts of the wind farm construction and provided plats and legal descriptions for the acquisition of land parcels needed for the operation of the wind farm.



Thunder Spirit Wind LLC successfully completed construction of the wind farm in 2015 and in turn sold it to a local utility company. The ALTA survey provided by KLJ was instrumental in the closing of the sale and was delivered on-schedule.

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