KLJ provided master planning and design services to create the development along the Missouri River. Whispering Bay included oversized lots nestled in trees, set back from a man-made bay. The property, located within a FEMA floodplain, involved extensive permitting, which ultimately drove project progress. A significant amount of grading work was required to excavate the bay and raise lots and a roadway above the floodplain. Grade changes across the length of the property added complexity to the sewer system installation. The grade changes required coordination for the installation of sewer prior to grading completion.

A 740-foot access channel flows beneath the development's bridge, featuring subtle arches, earth tone concrete panels, ornamental lighting and decorative railings. The development's main entrance was enhanced by a roundabout that calms traffic and alleviates confusion. The natural setting, bay, and trails provide a park-like atmosphere, while private beaches, water access, and aesthetic features speak to the high-end feel the owners desired.



The project aspects far surpassed typical work development project. Bridge construction prior to excavating the bay made construction more affordable. Significant cost savings were also realized by coordinating contractors' work so components could be constructed prior to placing fill, eliminating the amount of excavation necessary to bury project components. Additional services provided by KLJ included surveying, wetland mitigation, permitting, concept design, platting, roadway and trail design, bridge design, water quality measures and water, sanitary and storm systems.



The project also included a private beach area for residents, open spaces with trails, preservation of existing vegetation, water features, and entrance statements featuring a roundabout for traffic calming, safety, and aesthetics.

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